Not having to spend 1/5 of your life in poor health

In a society that has erected youthism into the Holy Grail, one might think that wanting to stay young is above all a question of narcissism. This would be to forget that youth, beyond aesthetic considerations, is also and above all correlated with an essential notion: health. Indeed, the more the years pass, the more our cells age and the more the risk of developing physical and mental illnesses increases. In France, while life expectancy is one of the longest in Europe (82.3 years against 80.4 years in the EU as a whole), life expectancy in good health, drops to 64.5 years for women (63.4 years for men). In the light of these figures, wanting to slow down aging, seeking to rejuvenate the age of our organs and our bodies no longer seems so superficial or devoid of meaning: "The younger our biology, the better our health, the more we feels younger, the longer you live,” says Dr. Mark Hyman, longevity expert at Young Forever.