Mental well-being allows us to manage all our natural functions such as emotions, rational thinking and communication, to connect and interact with the people around us, as well as body movements, ordinary intellectual and physical activities, and to manage stress.

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What is mental well-being?

Mental well-being is “a resource that helps us think, feel, connect with others and function” 1 .

Unlike animals, the complex and fascinating mechanism of our mind allows us to also act according to reason and balance rational thinking with primal instinct. Thanks to this balance, we are able to face various situations and manage different actions more comprehensively. Most of the time we are aware of what we are doing at a specific moment, we know what kind of outcome this behavior will lead to and we can even think about alternatives and other possible solutions to deal with the same problem under a different angle.

Why is mental well-being important?

Our mind allows us to behave in everyday circumstances and meditate on what we have done in order to improve how we act and connect to the world in the future.

Mental well-being is essential to being present and being the active protagonist in your life. If people feel mentally active, well and relaxed, they have control of their functions, they have control of their own body. Mental well-being allows you to enjoy every moment intensely because you are focused on the moment itself and how you can interact with it and the world around you, you are not bothered by something else.

The formidable enemy of your mental well-being is stress . If you let stress and the bad thoughts attached to it affect you, you won't have the opportunity to be present and fully experience your experiences.

Periods of stress are always upon us, the important thing is to find simple solutions to break away from them in a constant and routine manner. What are these solutions? Continue reading the article.

Mental well-being: some tips for you

Here are 3 simple tips that you can put into practice in your daily life for your mental well-being:

  1. Take breaks during the day , balance moments of agitation with moments of rest;
  2. Sleep 7-8 hours a day and turn off all electronic devices while you sleep;
  3. Eat a healthy diet . A healthy diet can contribute to the well-being of your body and mind. Nutrients like spinach and nuts, rich in antioxidants, can improve your memory and boost your overall concentration!

Mental Wellness and the ProLon Fasting Mimic Diet

Thanks to a selection and calibration of studied products rich in fiber, vitamins and antioxidants, the 5 days of the ProLon fasting imitation diet allow you to free yourself from mental heaviness due to stress and to better concentrate on your daily activities as well as fully regain your well-being and mental clarity. ProLon healthy foods promote well-being and mental health and can help you feel lighter, more energetic and more focused.

Discover the benefits of the ProLon fasting mimic diet and how it can improve your mental well-being through healthy eating and the intermittent fasting diet !

1 Global Wellness Institute, “What is Mental Wellness”, 2020, Mental Wellness – Global Wellness Institute