Body well-being

Bien-être du corps

Why is body well-being important for life? The body is the mirror of what is happening inside us and the envelope of the soul and spirit. Each of its particles is fundamental to make us live and for everything to function perfectly in continuity.

The three dimensions of our being: soul, spirit and body

As many spiritual teachers or guides have maintained for many years, each of us is made up of three main dimensions: body, mind and soul.

These three dimensions constantly intersect and influence each other while shaping the structure and main characteristics of a person. The soul is the most intimate part of our being, the one that animates our body and where all our energies are generated.

The mind is the dimension that allows us to reason, judge and formulate thoughts and it can be represented as a box inside which our conscious and unconscious memories are stored.

While the soul and some products of the mind, such as thoughts and ideas, cannot be perceived materially, the body is our outer shell, which physically defines our form and appearances. These three dimensions make us complete beings.

Thanks to science and medical advances over time, today what we know best of these three dimensions is the one that is materially perceptible, that is, the body.

How much do you really know about your body? Keep reading to find out more

What do you know about your body? Is the body the mirror of our experiences ?

Our body, scientifically described as "organism", which represents the main covering of our soul and spirit, is a complex system, consisting mainly of approximately 37 trillion cells, numerous subsystems, organs, tissues, joints and bone. It represents our physical dimension.

It is through him that we present ourselves to the surrounding world and that we have direct contact with him and other beings.

The body represents our appearances and can reflect what is happening within it. On the one hand, if your body is healthy and coexists in harmony with the other two dimensions, this positive balance generates a state of general well-being.

In other words, you feel good and healthy, look good and have the energy to actively face everyday situations.

Although this represents the ideal condition, in reality it is difficult to achieve and above all maintain this state of well-being, since we are constantly exposed to distractions, troubles, concerns, bad thoughts or bad feelings, illnesses and stress that undermine our stability.

Everything that puts people in difficulty and pushes them away from well-being is reflected first and directly on our body. You see it because your body is the mirror of your experiences. If you fall and hurt your knee, you will see the injury or at least the bruise.

Think of a simple cold. If you have a cold, you can't breathe properly, your nose turns red, your eyes may water, and your voice takes on a different tone. When you are experiencing a romantic drama, or you are mentally in a state of confusion, bad thoughts and bad feelings are reflected on your face and in your actions.

In more serious cases, if you experience trauma and are not able to react, your body will feel the complete lack of energy and, if not supported by expert help , you risk contracting more serious illnesses such as depression.

Your body reveals your inner state to the outside. As an important indicator, which allows you to understand what is happening inside you, it must be treated with care, like an important treasure.

How can we take care of our body every day?

Body care and well-being

Since the mediating role of our body is fundamental to grasp, at least in part, what is happening inside us, we must take care of it in a very precise way.

The question is HOW

First of all, the worst enemy of our body, as well as our mind, is stress. To deal with stress and prevent it from becoming a trigger for illness, you need to start adopting healthier habits:

  1. Hydrate : Our body is made up of approximately 60% water and we need to maintain this percentage by drinking at least 2 to 2.5 liters of water per day.
  2. Eat a healthy diet : By paying attention to what you eat daily, you can choose foods and nutrients that can boost your energy and help maintain healthy levels of biomarkers and, in the long term, support your longevity. If you don't know where to start, the first thing to do is to educate yourself about foods with the help of a nutritionist or expert, because each diet is personalized according to the needs of your body, and start learning to read food labels. Food labels indicate the type of ingredients used in the product as well as their quality. The name of the product should tell you the main ingredient it contains. How can you check it? Read the list of ingredients on the label, and if the first one doesn't match the title, you may have a problem. For example, if the first ingredient in a hazelnut cream is sugar and you find hazelnuts in the fourth or fifth position, this means that the percentage of hazelnuts, which should be the main ingredient, is less than the amount of hazelnuts. other ingredients, mainly sugar. This is an important indicator of the quality of the product and the properties it contains. If you are healthy or have unstable glucose levels, you should avoid these products. Select your foods carefully. Don't limit yourself to the name of the product, look at the ingredients and nutritional values ​​and choose healthy foods for the well-being of your body.
  3. Take time to rest and sleep : your body needs at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. With the exception of weekends, try to go to bed at the same time each evening and set the alarm for the same time in the morning, to allow time for rest.
    If you have difficulty falling asleep, turn off your electronic devices, drink an herbal tea before going to bed, try to create a peaceful atmosphere around you, with natural sounds, close your eyes, empty your mind and let your body feel the softness of your mattress, just feel your breathing and let yourself go to this state of relaxation.
  4. Practice physical activity : your body was not created to remain static, it needs to move and be active. If you're not a fit person or don't like exercising in general, start with an hour of brisk walking a day. Find time in your routine to practice it and then set smarter goals from time to time to improve your physical activity.
  5. Avoid the use of gels, cosmetics or chemical creams that apparently can make you look better, but at the same time can cause damage to your skin tissues or adverse reactions. Here too, labels are fundamental. Use only natural products for your skin care and in limited quantities, unless prescribed by your doctor.

These are the basic actions for the care and well-being of your body that you can easily turn into habits.

Read on to find out how the ProLon fasting mimic diet can actively support your bodily well-being.

The ProLon® fasting imitation diet for body well-being

How can the ProLon® Fasting Mimicking Diet impact your bodily well-being? More than 20 years of scientific research and clinical trials conducted at the Longevity Institute at the University of Southern California have demonstrated that the ProLon® diet can trigger cellular regeneration and recycling (or autophagy mechanism) by allowing your body to move into a fasting state on the third day of your nutritional journey.

If on the inside your cells are rejuvenated, on the outside your skin is 25% more hydrated since you are recommended to consume at least 2 liters of water per day in addition to the L-Drink drinks and infusions that you will find in the ProLon ® kit .

In addition to L-Drinks and herbal teas, during the 5 days you eat a healthy mix of vegetable soups, nut-based bars and vegetarian snacks, as well as mineral-rich supplements, which improve your energy levels. bodily energy and your mental clarity, in order to be proactive and focused in your activities.

At the end of the course, you will feel energetic, hydrated and regenerated from the inside!